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      1. Winding Width Calculation

      2. Enameled Magnet Wire Parameters Calculation

      3. Conductor DC Resistance and Temperature Coefficient

      4. Calculate The Arc and Chord Length Based On Angle

      5. Calculate The Arc And Chord Length Of The Distance Betwwen Two Adjacent Vent Holes Of The Voice Coil

      6. Rough Calculation Of The Power & Temperature Resistance of The Voice Coil 

        1. Quaternary

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      1. The Role Of The Voice Coil In Loudspeaker

      2. Common Enameled Magnet Wire's Properties

      3. Common Coil Former (Bobbin) Properties

      4. Reinforcement Paper Materials and Properties

      5. Tinsel Wire Materials and Properties

      6. Diaphragm Materials Introduction

      7. Voice Gauge Utilized For Automated Loudspeaker Production Line

      8. Copper Pad Collar (Band) Utilized For Automotive and PA Voice Coils

      9. How to Reduce Voice Coil Weight Without Compromising Structure Rigidity